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5 Tips for Improved Computer Visibility with Less Eye Strain
January 13, 2023

5 Tips for Improved Computer Visibility with Less Eye Strain

The computer has become the go to for daily news, weather updates, shopping, catching up with friends and family, and for researching a topic of interest. But for those with vision losses associated with macular degeneration navigating the keyboard, icons and pages can be challenging and frustrating. While magnifying your screen or font is helpful there are several other tips and aids that can make your time on the computer more user friendly.

1. Simplify Your Desktop Screen Saver

Starting with your desktop screen saver, you want to have a simple solid color background rather than one with a pattern or photograph. Just like you apply this principle of plain and simple to your kitchen dishes or countertop - solid colors make it easier to discern objects while a busy background just provides visual confusion.

On a Mac: Go to System Preferences and choose Desktop & Screen Saver. On a PC: Click on the Windows button on the lower left corner, choose Background Image Settings, then do the same—a simple, solid color.

2. Invest in a Large Print Backlit Keyboard

With an easy to see, high contrast and extra large bold letters you can type faster and more accurately.  The keys are standard size - just the letters are larger and offer more contrast than a normal keyboard making it easier on your eyes.

3. Increase the Size of Your Monitor Screen

Upgrade your screen monitor. The increased size of the screen provides a larger viewable area which is especially important if your are using a print or screen magnification software. If you use a laptop you can connect it to a large computer monitor screen with a USB to DVI or HDMI adapter.

4. Magnifying Text and Image Tips

Before you invest in magnifying software try simply using your control or command keys to enlarge the font.  On PCs, hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and tap the ‘+’ key. If you have a Mac, hold down the ‘command’ key and tap the ‘+.’ To decrease the size, tap the ‘-’

You can also enlarge text and images with a "Zoom" command in the View menu at the top of the browser window.

5. Adjust the Contrast

Increasing the color contrast on your screen will help make your images and wording easier to see and read.  Try both a white text on a dark background and a dark text on a light background to see which contrast combination works best for your eyes. 

More Ideas and Tips to Enhance the Ease Of Using Your Computer

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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