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Living Well with Low Vision: Tips for Maximizing Your Independence
February 23, 2024

Living Well with Low Vision: Tips for Maximizing Your Independence

Living with low vision can present challenges, but there are many strategies and tools available to help individuals maintain independence and quality of life. Visual changes from macular degeneration requires one to make adjustments and to find tips and aids to simplify the tasks of daily living and to maximize one's independence.

Here are some tips for living well with low vision...

Pump Bottle Containers

Get just the right amount of facial cleanser, lotion or shampoo with a pump bottle. There is no spilling or pouring out too much.

From face to body lotions, toothpastes, shampoos and conditioners, using a pump bottle can make your morning routine go a little smoother.

Use Pre-Packaged Goods

Opt for pre-packaged goods, like dishwasher detergent pods or laundry pods to simplify cleaning the dishes or dirty clothes.

No more over filling or spilling dish or laundry detergent with pre-packaged packets. Pre-measured packaged goods come in a variety of items that can help simplify your daily living from coffee pods, to creamers, to oatmeal cups.

Utilize Contrast

Choose items with high-contrast colors to enhance visibility. If you have a white kitchen countertop, it will be much easier to see this blue mug rather than a white mug.

The white interior of the mug makes it easier to see how much coffee is in the cup, whereas a dark blue or black mug would make it very difficult to see the dark coffee.

Get more tips on how to live well with macular degeneration in the kitchen, the bathroom and more ....

Living Well and Independently with Macular Degeneration

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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