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Light Up Your World
November 08, 2013

Light Up Your World

Last weekend the "Fall Back" has all of us in the dark earlier in the evening. I'm still taken by surprise by how soon the sun starts to fade and the house is suddenly dark. For the first time I put timers on some of our lights and I love how they just come on automatically around 5:00 PM. No need to go around fumbling to get to lights behind chairs or couches.

What Type of Lighting Is Best?

How much lighting and what kind of lighting is helpful for those with macular degeneration? There are two types of lighting to consider:

1. General Lighting

Lighting up rooms so that one can safely navigate and see requires several lights in a room. The best lights are those that are 3 way so that the bulbs can be set at the highest setting.

2. Task Lighting

Under cabinet lights for working in the kitchen, swing arm desk lamp for writing bills, or a goose neck floor lamp for reading in a chair are just some of the types of lighting that make it easier to perform every day activities.

Find out more tips on lighting up your world here:

Lighting Tips for Those with Macular Degeneraiton

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Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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