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Importance of an Eye Exam
October 08, 2015

Importance of an Eye Exam


In honor of World Sight Day, which is today, October 8th 2015, we would like to encourage all of our customers about scheduling regular comprehensive eye exams and remind them of its importance for saving eyesight.

More than 11 million people in the United States, and about 1 million Britons are affected by age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and many had never heard of it until they were diagnosed. We know that using nutrients and lifestyle practices help slow vision loss due to AMD. Caucasians are more likely to develop AMD than other races, and a person is more likely to develop macular degeneration if someone in his or her immediate family has had it. 

As we all know permanent vision loss can occur without any symptoms, so early diagnosis for successful management of AMD is very important. Please consider scheduling an eye exam today, it can save your sight.

Special Offer from Saffron 2020

Eye Nutrients With Saffron, The Spice of Sight

How can we maintain our sight as we battle against growing older?  Saffron 2020 is the complete nutritional supplement for maintaining vision and protecting our eyesight; thus protecting our independence and quality of life as we age.

Benefits of Saffron

Recent research in Europe showed that patients with age-related macular degeneration showed improvements in their vision after taking saffron pills for just three months. In a 15-month follow up, they observed that patients continued to get the benefits of the supplement for as long as they took the saffron capsules: the most powerful result yet!

Based on this research Persavita formulated Saffron 2020. Each capsule contains 20 mg of Saffron as used in the European study.

Important Eye Health Nutrients

In Saffron 2020 our nutrition experts also included the other key nutrients known to be important for maintaining vision and supporting eye health including: Resveratrol, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, Vitamins A, B2 (riboflavin), C and E plus minerals Zinc and Copper.

Persavita is running a special 6-for-5 offer (order 5 bottles, receive one extra bottle for free) on their website. Additionally, visitors of are entitled to an extra 5% special discount in honor of World Sight Day by using coupon code WSD.

Visit and enter the code ‘WSD’ on the shopping cart page when you check out!

Saffron 2020; the gold standard for preserving your sight.

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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