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My World Retracted - Now It's Expanded
May 04, 2015

My World Retracted - Now It's Expanded

This was the statement made by a patient with macular degeneration. She describes her vision loss as "something that just crept up on her." For so many people with AMD that vision loss leaves them unable to read, recognize faces or to enjoy their hobbies. However, the world of vision loss is beginning to expand for those who are receiving a breakthrough treatment in the form of high tech implants.

Breakthrough In Surgical Treatment of AMD

Eye specialist at London Eye Hospital are saying that it's, "potentially the greatest breakthrough in the surgical treatment of macular disease in history."

The Hubble implant received it's name when London's Eye Hospital ophthalmic surgeon, Bobby Qureshi, teamed up with optical physicist, Pablo Artal, to develop optical technology that mimicked the technology used by NASA scientists to sharpen the clarity of telescopic images coming from the Hubble Telescope. With the use of adaptive optics scientists were able to reduce distortion and provide crystal clear images.

Some patients who have received the new lenses have regained their ability to drive, see faces and read.

Watch a video to see how these lenses work and how they transform one's ability to see: Macular Degeneration Treatment Breakthrough

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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