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Brats, Burgers and Salmon?
July 03, 2013

Brats, Burgers and Salmon?

We are gearing up for our annual Fourth of July celebration. Living in a town that get's around by golf carts is especially fun around the Fourth. Golf carts are all decorated with flags, banners, and decals. Parades and fireworks offer their usual fun and sense of celebration.

I am busy preparing food for 16 people and hoping that the weather report is wrong - I don't know, 100% chance of rain doesn't give one much hope for a sunny day .

When it comes to grilling on the Fourth, most grills will see juicy hamburgers and tasty brats. I love them just as much as you - having grown up in Wisconsin a good brat was a regular part of our summer meals.

Changing Eating Habits

I don't know if it is true, but I remember my anthropology professor saying that it was harder for a person to change their eating habits than it was to change their religion. So my guess is ... not many of you have salmon on your Fourth of July menu.

Perhaps the Fourth of July is not the day to make food changes, but I for one am having a piece of salmon, even though everyone else will be enjoying hamburgers and brats. My husband does a great job of grilling it so that it is juicy and not dry. We like to serve it with a peach or mango salsa paired with a spinach salad.

Change experts say that the first step to changing a habit is Contemplation .... so take your first step to include more foods high in Omega 3 in your diet by going to

Health Benefits of Salmon

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