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How to Get Your Audio Books for Free
May 11, 2018

How to Get Your Audio Books for Free

Listening to audio books has become the new "reading" and not just for those with vision problems. Enjoying an audio book can take you to far away places, provide captivating intrigue and give you a glimpse into history.

Benefits of an Audio Book

Listen Anywhere

You can listen to your audio book in your kitchen, your favorite reading chair, your bedroom or outside on the porch or outdoor patio.

Portable and Lightweight

If you travel your "books" can go with you on the plane, a cruise ship or in the car. You can have multiple books without having to carry them.

Interesting Readers

The book reader can make a character come alive and add interest to a book

Less Eye Strain

For those with macular degeneration and who love to read, eyes can get tired and irritated from reading. Relax your eyes and continue to "read" without the eye strain.

Listen on line or download to your favorite device

Both options are available with this website and database of free audio books.

Find out how you can get your audio books for free and start enjoying a new way of "reading."

Get Your Audio Books for Free

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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