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How to Best Monitor Your Vision
December 15, 2020

How to Best Monitor Your Vision

When we would go visit my father-in-law who had macular degeneration one of the first things he did as part of his morning routine was to get out his Amsler Grid to check for any vision changes.

The Amsler Grid tests for distorted or wavy lines that indicate the development of leaky blood vessels or wet macular degeneration. This macular degeneration test has been the standard method for assessing one's vision at home.

The chart or macular degeneration grid is given to patients by the physician's office or one can order it free on-line making it readily available to any macular degeneration patient.

However, the effectiveness of this home monitoring method is questionable in detecting the early signs of wet macular degeneration or choroidal neovasculariztion.

A more sensitive FDA device for monitoring one's vision at home is called the ForeseeHome Monitoring Program. The device has been tested in thousands of macular degeneration patients and researched in several clinical trials. This home testing program can detect changes related to wet AMD before you notice symptoms or changes on the Amsler grid.

Earlier detection means earlier treatment that can prevent vision loss from wet AMD.

A representative from the ForeseeHome Monitoring program shares how the device works, what the research shows, why the Amsler Grid is not the most effective monitoring method, and who benefits from home monitoring:

How to Best Monitor Your Vision at Home

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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