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eSight Eyewear - A New Way of Seeing
April 08, 2014

eSight Eyewear - A New Way of Seeing

New technology is changing the way people with low vision can see. A Canadian company, eSight Corporation, has developed glasses - that are so much more than any ordinary glasses. According to the company the device “re-configures images captured by its high-definition camera in a way to optimize a user's vision.”

How Does the Eyewear Work?

A high-resolution video camera takes the images of what the user is seeing and then projects it onto two LED screens that sit right in front of the eyes. The user can control the zoom and the contrast to enhance visual acuity.

According to eSight, a new patient works with a low vision specialist, who can then personalized the glasses for each individual. They are able to program algorithms based on the patient’s eye condition and preferred activities. The prescription lenses are built right into the eyewear.

What Can the User See?

According to Kevin Rankin, the CEO and President of eSight, “eSight is mobile, hands-free, and can automatically process


far and

mid-range vision tasks."

eSight improves what remaining sight a patient has - it does not fully restore it. However, the technology has already shown that it makes life changing impacts on the wearers such as - being able to read again, shop independently, watch a movie, or see a face.

Find out who can benefit from this new low vision technology here:

eSight Eyewear

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Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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