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Dome Magnifier - Reading Magnifier with Autofocus
October 06, 2023

Dome Magnifier - Reading Magnifier with Autofocus

What makes a dome magnifier different from a handheld magnifier? The three big benefits are ....

1. No Need to Adjust the Focus

My father-in-law who had wet macular degeneration was using a lighted handheld magnifier to read the newspaper but found that getting the magnifier at just the right distance for the best focus was becoming a challenge.

A handheld magnifier requires constant adjustment of distance from the page and eyes for clear, sharp focus. The dome type magnifier provides clarity and focus without the need to position it just right.

2. No Need to Hold it Above your Reading Material

Just glide the dome magnifier across the page of your printed material on a flat surface. A newspaper or magazine lying flat on the kitchen table near a big window using the dome magnifier gliding across the print became a much easier option for my father-in-law.

3. Lots of Uses

My father-in-law enjoyed using his dome magnifier for going over old pictures, looking at birthday cards, checking utility bills, and reading the newspaper. Other people use it for documents, charts, maps and stamps.

Check out some other ways this reading magnifier can be an aid for your reading...

Dome Magnifier - An Auto Focus Reading Aid for those with Macular Degeneration

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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