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Free Radicals Will Cost You
August 28, 2017

Free Radicals Will Cost You

Most of you know the importance of eating foods high in antioxidants, but perhaps you don't know why or you need a reminder to stay the course. Dr. Robert Abel, Jr ophthalmologist and author of The Eye Care Revolution, explains it this way:

"In most illnesses there is an overabundance of free radicals - the "bad guys" that attack our cells - and too few antioxidants - the "good guys" that combat free-radical damage. One way you can help guard against illness every day is to concentrate on building up your antioxidant bank account through diet and supplementation. "

The Eye Care Revolution: Prevent And Reverse Common Vision Problems

Free Radical Formation

Free radicals form in response to many outside environmental exposures such as air pollution, ultraviolet light, food preservatives, plant pesticides, tobacco smoke, and harmful ingredients in cleaning and personal care products. You can be proactive in two ways:

1. Reduce your exposure to toxins by choosing organic or pesticide free food and safer cleaning and personal care products

2. Increase your consumption of antioxidants by choosing foods rich in carotenoids and flavonoids

Some foods are higher than others in free radical fighting antioxidants. Find out how you can maximize your antioxidant intake and minimize your free radical damage by checking out :

Minimize Free Radical Damage with Maximum Antioxidant Intake

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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