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Living Well with Macular Degeneration: Tips to Maximize Your Independence
January 05, 2024

Living Well with Macular Degeneration

Tips for Maximizing Your Independence

Living well with macular degeneration involves making adaptations and finding new solutions to help reduce frustration and to allow you to continue performing daily living activities and the hobbies you love.

Use Pre-Packaged Goods

Spills and messes are common with low vision because it is so easy to over pour. But there is no more over filling or spilling dish or laundry detergent with pre-packaged packets.

Pre-measured packaged goods come in a variety of items that can help simplify your daily routine from coffee pods, to creamers, to oatmeal cups.

Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of not having to measure by simply placing a laundry pod in the washing machine, a detergent packet in your dishwasher or a coffee pod in your coffee maker.

Use the Sense of Touch

Don't underestimate how the sense of touch can help you to quickly find the start button on your dishwasher or figure out if a container is the shampoo or the conditioner.

Tactile bumps can be placed strategically on your microwave, dishwasher, or laundry machine to help you identify your most often used settings.

When you are in the shower and don't have your glasses on, a simple rubber band placed on your shampoo bottle will tell you that it's not the conditioner. To get just the right amount use a pump bottle for your grooming aids so you eliminate over or under pouring.

Get more tips on how to live well with macular degeneration in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, or out with friends.

Living Well with Macular Degeneration

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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