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Eyedaptic Eyewear - Advancement in Low Vision Technology
March 09, 2022

Eyedaptic Eyewear - Advancement in Low Vision Technology

What if you could wear one pair of glasses to enhance your near vision as well as your far vision? Thanks to the advances in low vision technology, Eyedaptic Eyewear has developed macular degeneration glasses that optimizes the user’s field of vision and improves vision through software driven smart glasses that leverages the power of augemented reality (AR) technology. 

Macular Degeneration Glasses

Eyedaptic eyewear has been specifically  designed for those  with macular degeneration and the vision changes associated with this retinal disease. 

“Patients often use multiple low vision devices for daily needs and this, hands-free, wearable product combines many of those into just one device.”

Rebecca Kammer, OD, PhD & Low Vision Specialist

The simple to use glasses can be worn inside or outside, for reading or watching TV, for cooking or using the computer. Find out more from Jay Cormier, the President and CEO of Eyedaptic Eyewear as he explains how the Eyedaptic Glasses work and who would benefit from using them...

Eyedaptic Eyewear for Enhanced Vision and Increased Independence

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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