You can't control how MD progresses - Diagnosed at 45 Years Old

by Christabel
(South Australia)

I am 45 years old and before I turned 40 there was apparently nothing wrong with me. Then that year I noticed that print seemed to be jumping all over the place when I was reading.

I went to an optometrist who diagnosed a lazy eye and prescribed glasses. I noticed they didn't seem to be helping and so I went to a macular degeneration website because my sister was now going out with a bloke whose brother was an ophthamologist and he recommended I try the website and suddenly it all became clear (or fuzzy depending on what I was doing.)

I was also recommended to see an ophhthamologist in my home city and from then I have had fairly regular consultations and injections of Avastin to keep the bleeding more or less under control.

At times it has been very scary. I have a young family and I work full time and there is always the concern sooner or later I will not be able to do some major things like drive or read small print. I am also deaf in one ear and have a thyroid condition.

Sometimes it feels like I am juggling a number of things at once to keep my life stable, not for myself but for my children.

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Jul 21, 2011
Get a second opinion!!
by: Shirley


You are my daughter's age and I can well understand your concern & frustrations.

May I make a suggestion, my dear?
Get yourself to a top retinologist. Travel if you must, and get a second opinion. It's always wise to go to the top, if possible, when a significant health issue presents itself.
Much good luck to you and your family.

Jul 20, 2011
Response to You Can't Control How MD Progresses
by: Stephen Smith

I was diaganosed with wet macular degeneration last August. I have received six injections of Lucentis in my left eye which may or may not have resulted in developing a hole in my retina.

I have now just gone through two operations to fix the hole. The good news is, now i get to start the injections again. NOT!

I have about 10% vision in that eye at the moment and full sight (touch wood) in my right eye. I am 49 years old and work as a commercial cleaner.

My wife and I have two growing children and I find little tasks are very hard to do with limited sight. We live in Tin Can Bay and are interested to talk to others who are in the same age bracket with the same condition.

If you would like to contact me to chat please feel free to do. email

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