Ups and downs

by Gretel
(Oregon )

I am still hoping to hear from someone with a similar experience to mine.

After 4 years of injections with Avastin, there has been slight improvement in one eye, and a remission in the other.
I experienced bug like floaters after each injection. When the clinic switched to a different supplier, the bugs changed to disks.
They always went away after several days. The doctor explained it was the medication.
After my last injection, the disk remained.
I asked the doctor to change to Lucentis, and my insurance ok it.
That was yesterday. No floaters of any kind, but still the one from the Avastin from 6 weeks ago.
I am hoping to hear that someone experienced this, and it still went away after a longer time. I would find it hard to live with. Itu makes me off balance.
I can't help thinking there may have been something wrong with that particular syringe...
I would really appreciate hearing from someone.

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