Two Drusen spots in left eye

by Katherine

I had an eye examine 4 days ago and the dr. said I have two drusen spots in my left eye. I went to the dr. because I was having problems reading small print.

I am 48 and I think that is normal for my age. Right? The dr. then told me to stop smoking, take vitamins, wear sunglasses, and come back for a check in a year.

Do I have early amd? Talked to my sister and I found out that my mother had AMD and could no longer see at age 65(she stopped driving a few years before that).

I thought that her problems where part of her diabetes, but now I know that she not only had cataracts but AMD.

The dr. did not diagnose me with AMD just drusen spots. Should I be worried?(I AM) Should I seek a specialist?

I am too young for this. I have a 13 and 10 year old. How long do I have?

K in PA


Hi K,

It would be best to get a second opinion from a retina specialist. Here is how to find one:

Retina Doctor

Kind Regards,


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May 19, 2014
Response to Two Drusens
by: eyes

I also have drusen, both eyes, but I also have early AMD, the dry kind. You can have drusen without AMD. For some, drusen are simply part of the aging process and may never develop into AMD. There are different types of drusens, soft and hard.

Since there is no treatment available for dry AMD at this time, I have poured myself into researching vitamins, and foods that may slow the progression of this disease.

I faithfully take vitamins, Medop, Vision and Whole Body, along with Carlson Liquid Omega Three, 3tsp daily, and Asaxanthin, approx 4 mg daily.

I eat .....kale, salmon, yellow and orange peppers, spinach , red grapes, every single day!!

I have no idea of this strict intake of vitamins and food will help, but I will continue with my efforts and hope that stem cell or gene therapy will be available in my life time.

Drusen does not mean you will develop Macular Degeneration. There is hope for you. Never too late to change bad habits and begin healthy ones with diet and vitamins.
If anyone out there has a different brand name for eye vitamins, please tell me. I am My Blue Eyes.

May 05, 2014
Two Drusen spots in left eye
by: Sue

Hello - I would like to respond to your questions. First, I do not have AMD, but my mother does, and she was diagnosed when she was 50 yrs. old. She is now 88 yrs. old.

I have to say that what your doctor told you to do sounds about right, and I would like to add that eating fresh berries, green leafy veggies and other great foods for the macula will keep your vision going for a long time.

My mother did all these things and for 35 yrs., her vision was good enough for her to continue driving until she was 85 yrs. old. Her vision took a turn after that and she had to give up driving, but we attribute her vision change to the stress of several deaths in our family all within a year of each other.

I think there is a lot to be said in taking care of what you eat and what NOT to eat in order to maintain your vision for a long time. I follow these steps too even though I have not been diagnosed. (I am 62). Don't despair.

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