The sudden onset of wet AMD

by Kim
(Albuquerque, NM)

I'm a 61 year old police sergeant and a month ago while on patrol I began to see tiny flashes of light and black floaters in my left eye. I thought I was just tired, and my eyes were just strained.

A while later while driving into a parking lot I high centered my unit on an extended sidewalk. I realized that a huge area of my vision on the left side was just gone. I went to my eye doctor and after an examination he gave me the bad news.

I was placed on medical leave that same day of course. I received my first injection of Avastin a week later, and yes it hurt! Three weeks later I have improved vision but still have a lot of distortion and areas of blindness, I hope that will improve over time.

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Jul 19, 2017
Also had sudden onset wet AMD
by: Anonymous

Three years ago at age 56, I experienced sudden distortion in my vision while driving. I was wearing a new pair of prescription sunglasses, and thought it was the new glasses.

A couple of nights later I had a sudden burst of light in my left eye. At that point I could barely distinguish people by facial recognition. I began Avastin injections every 28 days for 2 years, and have definite improvement in my vision.

I still have flashes of lights (in both eyes now),distracting floaters, and a grey patch with distortion in my right eye. But I am able to function normally. It's amazing how your brain adapts to what you are seeing with time.

I do have a little more trouble feeling comfortable driving at night, so only do that to places I know so well I could drive with my eyes shut;) I tend to read numbers incorrectly so find myself checking them several times. There is hope for improvement for your vision through treatment. Good Luck!

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