The diagnosis that followed cataract surgery that left me with unaccountable glare in my vision

by Dianne
(Bay Minette, AL)

In November and December 2012, I had the cataracts done at age 62. The first procedure went well, the second - not so much. It hurt, the pain stayed for days, and then I noticed a glare in my vision that was never there.

The surgeon said it was due to a "fold" inside the eye where the lens was attached. He proceeded to laser that eye 32 times, and the other 18 times. Very stressful, and did not relieve the "glare". I then saw another eye surgeon in that group due to my loss of trust in the one that performed my cataract surgery.

Many tests were done; no reason for the glare was found. But this physician did say to me, "You unfortunately have Macular Degeneration". I live alone and have been completely independent all my adult life. I also worked with a wonderful, elderly physician, who had to give up his practice due to loss of vision caused by macular degeneration.

Imagine my sense of loss, my feelings that my future held little for me.

In retrospect I can be grateful for that Horrid glare, which still is a bother. For if I had not experienced that glare, the battery of tests would not have been performed until my vision started to go. (I am a person who has never missed my annual eye exam, and I am also distressed that all the photos he has done through the years failed to show, or more likely, he failed to recognize the signs of impending degeneration).

But...on to say that after what seems like weeks of research I have learned more, and am confident that I will remain independent until death takes me. This site has helped some, but various sites on the web have been most beneficial. What is to come? Who knows? But I didn't know that prior to this diagnosis either.

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