Sudden loss

by Paul

I had a complete eye exam last April which included a picture of a perfect retina. There was no evidence of dry AMD at that time and all appeared normal.. On July 16th. I awoke with wet AMD. There is no apparent reason for this such as family history, high BP, etc. I have had all the usual treatments including monthly lucentis shots but there has been no improvement after 7 months. There has been bleeding in the "good" eye but not in the macula and which is apparently not related and has not been treated in any way.

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Mar 12, 2016
One finds the light brighter against the dark
by: Bill Kerr

My left eye went kaput with wet MD about 5 years ago, and the remaining one is fine. Five or six injections didn't do it.

Meanwhile, I faithfully take I Caps, just one of many versions of the "Ared's" formula supplements, and get checked out every six months.

To save the good eye, wear sunglasses, cut down on fats.

And do not panic. These days, the blind have lots of avenues to technology. I haven't had to learn any of it yet.

If the other eye goes, it goes. Eventually the rest of you goes too. Meanwhile, the light just seems all the brighter.


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