Reversed Signs of Dry Macular Degeneration


I have had stable (ie. little change) in my early macular degeneration and was just told to come back each year to have scans at the optician's office.

No advice was given re: what I could do so I looked at the online advice and am wearing sunglasses outdoors all of the time, eating good diet but also taking supplements in line with the AREDS2 trials.

I bought MACU-VISION PLUS (the Blackmore version was on special so I went with that one). I have been taking 2 x the dose on the bottle (one morning, 1 afternoon) for 1 year and went for eye test today.

He couldn't find anything other than age related degeneration, not the larger areas that I had before. I had hoped to stall the process but looks like this has turned the clock back a bit and given me more time. I will continue with the steps I have in place and see how it is next year! Best of luck to you all.

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