Possible Switch from Lucentis to Eylea

by Nance
(Davenport WA USA)

I have wet macular degeneration in the left eye that happened overnight.The Lucentis injections have helped so much and now can see although have a lot of distortion but certainly better than total blackness and no vision.

It took about four years to get to this point where it stabilized and I can get the injection once every three months. About a year and a half ago the right eye started going gradually. Started the Lucentis on that one immediately but not as responsive to the injections as the left eye was.

I am still at four weeks to six weeks between shots. Last appointment my retina specialist said he is thinking of switching to Eylea. I was wondering if anyone has experience or information if that med has worked well for them. I do get concerned with side effects when changing to a different medication. I am 81.

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