Macular Degeneration and the People We Live With, Our Friends

by Bob
(Scottsdale, AZ)

Fortunately, neither my wife nor I have macular degeneration. (I have a vision problem, but it is from a detached retina situation many years ago that has left me with somewhat blurred vision in that eye.)

Our involvement with AMD is the fact that we associate with a number of residents in our life-care retirement center who have AMD; both wet and dry AMD are found in the group but more dry than wet.

We try to collect current information re new treatments, status of research programs and the like that may offer some hope to our friends in our retirement community. We also look for ideas that may make dealing with the limitations and life style changes needed to survive in a positive manner.

At this point, HOPE is the most that our residents have going for them.

We try to advise management re items that are peculiar to those with low vision, particularly in the dining room and the readibility of menus, importance of contrast in presentation of food items, placement of items on the dining table, difficulty in distinguishing between patterns on the dinner plates and actual food, etc.

Look for speakers who have something to say with an emphasis on vision.


Bob, how fortunate your fellow residents and friends are to have an advocate like you. You have a good understanding of some of the simple things that can be done for better usable vision - like solid color plates (without any design) on a contrasting tablecloth or placemat. No clear glasses. Serve coffee in a white mug or milk in a dark glass.

Are you aware of the Free Books on Tape program?

Let us know if we can help you in any way.

Kind Regards,


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