Macular Atrophy after Vitero Retinal Surgery

by Ankit

Dear All,

My age is 32 and facing issues with my eyes since last 29 years. I had developed high myopia and RK (Radial Kerkatomy) was done in 1991 when I was 8 years old.

After surgery it was a significant improvement that went worse gradually until Sep 2013 when I developed Retinal Detachment in the left eye. During that time my eye sight number was: LE:-0.5X-3.5D and RE:-4.5X-5.0D. It Developed in the upper vision with Macula ON. Vitero Retinal Surgery was done on 2 Sep 2013 and silicon oil was inserted in left eye. It was removed on : 21 Jan 2014. After that the LE was: 0.0x-5-5D with acuity of 6/18 without glasses. Still some drops of oil still floating .

However with time my right eye was also effected with floaters and flashes and left eye developed early PSC Cataract and Macular Atropy. Due to this my central vision was effected badly. Now I have worse that 6/60 vision for left eye.

However, upper and lower vision is clear. Central vision is affected. It was confirmed from a OCT test. One interesting part is that from a pinhole lens used by the opticians I can see much clearer than without it. Eye pressure in both eyes have shot to 23 and 25 respectively. As per OCT retinal thickness for LE: 260 and RE: 219. I have now lost my Central Vision of left eye, unable to recognize faces and unable to read with or without glasses.

I also can see a transparent patch in centre of LE when blink it at faste rate and vision is wavy not stable.

Is this macular atrophy is same as ARMD or Macular Dystrophy (Stargardts Disease)?

I request somebody to please guide what to do now. How can I overcome this macular atrophy. I have a job in IT industry that required use of computes but dont know what to do nest. Are there any supplements/Exercises that may reverse this Macular Atrophy


Ankit Prakash

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Jul 11, 2016
Response to Ankit from India
by: Sharon

Hello Ankit,

I hope my response reaches you. I personally am unable to help you since my vision is still in the early stages and I have yet to experience some of your problems. I have MD along with boarderline Glaucoma and weaken edges on my retina. This is a wonderful site but there is also another one that may provide additional information. You can find this site on FB at:
my macular degeneration journey/al

I have also written on this site, WebRN blue eyes.
You can find my statement there. I wish you the best.
Sharon from Chicago

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