Just diagnosed with myopic macular degeneration-wet type

by Vicky
(Illinois, U SA)

I am a 34 yr old woman who is pretty healthy. One month ago I began to notice that all straight lines appeared wavy out of my right eye. I went to a ophthalmologist who diagnosed me with bilateral posterior vitreous humor detachment but sent me to an retina specialist for a second opinion.

Then, I got diagnosed with wet type myopic macular degeneration. I've had one set of injections in both eyes and will go back monthly for now. He used Eylea.

I am very afraid. I just want to be able to work in the career I love, and stay independent. I would truly appreciate any input from people with similar stories.

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Jan 20, 2018
Wet Macular Degeneration at 36 Years Old
by: Lauren

Hi - I am 36 and have Wet Macular Degeneration - a sub type that has an average age of 81 - RAP lesion. I can't find anyone my age with this and wondering if they gave you a timeline or estimate for vision loss? I have five children I support and am worried about our future if this progresses quickly. I have had 4 shots, two different kinds (the second one my insurance doesn't cover and is $1800 per shot) and I am getting a cold laser surgery next month.

Oct 03, 2015
Response from blue eyes
by: SHaron


I do not have wet Macular Degeneration, I have dry.
I am older, 60. Nevertheless, I have concerns and fears as to how quickly my condition will change.

I recently joined a closed group on FB called Macular Degeneration Community. There is an amazing amount of support and knowledge you can obtain from this group. Especially for wet.

Often I read discussions about injections and the three different kinds of solutions used to treat the wet kind.

My humble advice to you.....research.....lots of possible means in the near future coming your way. Join groups and reach out. Ask questions. Find a doctor you trust. Breathe.

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