Inherited Macular at age 35

by Jennifer
(Middleburg, Fl.)

I went to my eye dr. For a check up at age 35 (I honestly can’t remember the last time I went) Anyway they were surprised to find that I had macular degeneration at such a young age.

They asked if anyone in my family had it. I said not that I know of, at the time it was just glaucoma that ran on my moms side. So they sent me off with eye vitamins (to prevent it from progressing).

Not too much later my dad had come for dinner. I noticed how he had to hold things away from his face to read (and still struggling). I asked him if he has ever had macular degeneration.

He told me , he had not been to the eye doctor in 20 years! I then told him what my eye doctor said, and encouraged him to go. Well about a year later he passed away(not from macular). He was a depressed alcoholic, and it killed him😞 After going through his house, I did find a referral from an eye doctor saying he had macular degeneration.

So he did end up going. It's just a rare case that i should find out I have it before my father finds out he has it😩 Anyway I have an appointment tomorrow, I’m sure it’s progressed, as I have not been taking the vitamins. (I am 40 years old now).

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May 06, 2018
Life is an endless series of discoveries
by: bkerr

Drusen found in 2001;Left eye reduced to peripheral vision, 2010, wet. Injections failed. Right eye remains normal, not withstanding cataracts and in total need of glasses. Check ups every three months. Harder to read small print. Impossible without a glass.

Up to twenty feed I have to watch closely, especially at night. Curbs and uneven surfaces can get you, plus aging and balance problems. I fall two or three times a year.

I've been taking "the vitamins" from the beginning. I don't eat meat, plenty of fish.

I just turned 81. It has taken about 18 years to go from drusen to a steady, unchanging, cyclops.

At first I worried. Doctors were either cryptic or crudely pessimistic. One predicted two years to the onslaught, but it took 6. One pompous German doctor misdiagnosed.

Finally, I went to Johns Hopkins for their reputation and the diagnosis was definitive. They said that, for the left affected eye that I had "a 95 percent chance of retaining my current vision." This expert opinion faded within a few months.

Like death, there's absolutely no point in brooding or worrying about the future. Might make a few practical arrangements. What life and vision is left leaves plenty of room for seizing on opportunity. Maybe I'll eventually will have to start singing.

Good luck and you have my assurance that life goes on.

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