Dry AMD Both Eyes Age 49

by Dawn
(Portland, Mi)

I went to get new safety glasses for work when the optometrist found the AMD. My previous eye exam 2 years ago was normal. Saw the RS and was diagnosed with intermittent dry AMD. He started me on Areds 2. I'm nervous that it progressed so quickly in 2 years. I use an Amsler grid. The only symptom I have at the moment is blurry vision and wavy lines, even with my new glasses.

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Dec 29, 2016
Eat Foods for the Retina
by: Anonymous

Hi Sue, I think it's amazing you mom had AMD for
40 years and was able to do the things she did. God bless her. And she drove till 86. How great.

I'm sure 40 years ago they didn't have the Meds they do now. A remarkable woman to be sure. What kind of AMD did she have? How is she doing?

Take care always and Thank You.

Nov 20, 2016
16 years ago my trouble started
by: BK

After 16 years from first notice of drusen, my left eye lost the battle after going wet. Injections didn't work.

I've learned to live well enough with nothing left in the one eye but peripheral vision.

As one says, "it's better than the alternative."

Meanwhile, I've been careful to notice the blind, like the guy who works out in the gym, wending his way through, and the texture of the sidewalks her in Germany to help the cane find its way.

I don't know if I can encourage you, but in a way its valuable to know you are vulnerable. For one, you meet a lot of very special medical people. For another, it's hard to be complacent. For another, you stop competing with the gods.

Anyway, good luck.

Nov 20, 2016
Response to dryAMD, Both eyes, age 49
by: Anonymous

Hi Dawn,
I understand your concerns and fears. My advise is continue to educate yourself by joining different web sites and AMD groups. There is much research throughout the world and hope.
Take the vitamins! Eat the right foods. Two of the companies I use are Medop and Visivite .I just got done making myself wild caught salmon which I eat 3 times a week.
Lots of spinach, etc...and wear the right fit over sunglasses, usually an amber color lens........Cocoons or Johnathan Paul brands list blue light blocking percentages.
My name is Sharon, My blue eyes.

Nov 19, 2016
Eat foods for the retina
by: Sue

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. My mother was diagnosed when she was 50 yrs old and she is 90 now! She maintained good eyesight for years by eating all the foods recommended to feed the retina. She still does this as it has become her way of life. She still has eyesight in both eyes, and still lives independently. She wears strong reading glasses, and she also wears glasses to aid in distance that helps her navigate stairs and walkways and such. She went to a low-vision specialist for these glasses - - BUT - not until 4 yrs ago when she was 86. She gave up driving then too. She couldn't see the dividing lines in the road anymore, so she handed over her keys.
One thing I have to say is that if you ever need to go on a blood thinner, do not go on Coumadin/Warfarin. You have to stop eating green leafy veggies on that blood thinner and the greens are an important part of your retina diet. The greens will also thin your blood and could cause internal bleeding or hemorrhaging. There are other safe blood thinners on the market now where diet is not a problem.
Hope our experience helps to allay some of your fears. Vitamins and the right kind of food are important and will help you.

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