Cheap Ebook Reader

Looking for a cheap ebook Reader? How about a free Kindle reader?

Best E Book Reader

The best e book reader just might be your own computer.

If you have a computer, a laptop or a netbook, you can download the Kindle reader software for free and have your favorite ebook delivered right to your computer. No need to buy any Kindle or wireless reading device.

I have done this on my computer. You have access to all the Kindle ebooks and free ebooks, however Kindle newspapers, magazines, and blogs are only available for download to a Kindle or Android ebook reading device.

Larger Screen and Large Fonts

Your Kindle Reader can enlarge the fonts and adjust the line spacing. There are 12 options to magnify the font. If you need the largest font magnification you will also need the largest viewing screen and often a desktop or laptop computer has a larger screen than does any of the Kindle devices.

The Kindle screens range in size from the smallest at 6" for the Kindle Paperwhite to the largest being the Kindle DX at 9.7".

Most ebook readers have about a 10.1" screen and many laptop computers have a 15 1/2 " screen. Be sure to check the option to use the full screen on your Kindle software for reading your books.

Depending on where you enjoy reading your books, consider using your computer as an ebook reading device.

Brightness and Contrast

For better contrast use the brightness setting to its optimal level. The software also gives the option of different color settings:

1. Black words on white background

2. White words on black background

3. Sepia setting on brown words on a tan background

Lap Desk/Cooling Pad

I enjoy reading on my laptop in my very comfortable reading chair with my legs propped up on the ottoman - but I do use a laptop cooling pad or the heat from the computer get's to be too warm and uncomfortable. This one by Logitech is available for less than $25.

It includes a pull out mouse tray so that it works whether you have a PC or a Mac. The rubberized mat prevents the computer from moving or sliding and best of all it prevents heat from being transferred to your lap.

Lapdesk & Cooling Pad

Kindle App Improvements

Amazon continues to improve the free Kindle app for computers as the software doesn't have all of the features you would find on a Kindle device. Listed below are some features they are now available with the free Kindle app download to your computer:

√ Create Notes and Highlights Highlight sentences or write down your thoughts or ideas easily

√ Search

Find a word or a sentence in the book you are currently reading.

√ Zoom and Rotate Images

Click on an image to see an expanded view and rotate it if desired.

If you want to try the Kindle software for free click here:

Free Kindle Books

Once you download the Kindle for PC to your computer, you will find in the upper right hand corner where you can "Shop in Kindle Store" Click it and you will be taken to Amazon's Kindle Store.

Select the category of books that you would like on the left navigation bar - i.e. non-fiction - and then sort by Price:Low to High. Many categories offer free books, some do not.

You can also just perform a search in the Kindle Book store using the key words "free kindle books." This will also help you find a free downloadable ebook.

The classics provide the most free Kindle books. Amazon has a great page that lists other websites where free ebooks can be found as well.

E books for Free

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