Been Lucky So Far

I am a 70 year old male in great health. I was diagnosed with macular degeneration when I was 62. Dry in left eye and wet in right. Immediately began taking vitamins for the dry and injections

for the wet. Had 6 injections and the bleeding stopped. Progressed to having appointments every 4 months. Went for several years with no injections and then slight bleeding. Had 3 shots and bleeding stopped. In June 2016 bleeding again. 3 more shots. It has now been 13 months without a shot and no bleeding. See my doctor every 6 months. My vision is a little worse than it was when first diagnosed.

I know that my luck will run out one day, but for now all is good. Has not interfered with any aspects of my life.

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Aug 04, 2017
Mother with AMD
by: Sue

Hello - My mother has had dry AMD since she was 50 yrs old. She is now 91 yrs old. While her vision has decreased somewhat over the past 41 years, I will say that she has been stable for 6 years.

She has lived with us for these 6 years, so I am able to be privy to this information as I go to her appointments with her. Before that, when she was 85 she gave up her license because she could not see the lines in the road anymore, but now 6 yrs later, her vision has been stable.

She sees the TV, can read certain larger print and can still cook her own dinner and does her own wash. She uses a cane for walking as the cane is like a new set of eyes for her and she can navigate the ground better with it, so she doesn't have to walk so slow.

In fact I notice she is less confident without the cane. She doesn't use it in the house, but we have good lighting for her. She always eats veggies and takes the AREDS2 vitamins and wears amber sunglasses when outside. I have read that total blindness is not the norm, and the sight that remains for my mom seems to be manageable. She does all right.

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