AMD and Blood Thinners

by Susan
(Traverse City, Michigan)

I started seeing crooked lines in spreadsheets at work, so went to the optometrist. He said I have AMD. I have an appointment with a Retina Specialist in about ten days. I’m anxiously waiting for that appointment to see what my next steps are.

I had two stents put in my LAD artery in January and am now on blood thinners - Brilinta. My questions are ... any thoughts that that (blood thinner) might have started my AMD? And will that be a problem if they want to give me injections for AMD if I have the Wet kind?

Just wondering if anyone has been in this crazy situation. 63 years old, female, and work with spreadsheets a lot - so I’m worried about that in the future too.


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May 10, 2018
Blood Thinners and Macular Degeneration

Wet macular degeneration in left eye. Injections did not work and I stopped about 8 years ago. Right eye is fine.

I had a heart attack two years ago and take blood thinners regularly. No apparent effect on my eyes. Have not heard any warnings about that.

Take the vitamins regularly.

I wonder whether blood thinners figure in at all. Have not heard that from GP or eye doctor.

Good health and happiness to you.

Bill Kerr

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