Vitamins for Eyes and a Multi-Vitamin?

When my husband, whose father has advanced macular degeneration, saw yet more supplements on his breakfast plate, he asked, "Do I really need to take a multi-vitamin if I'm taking eye vitamins?"

That's a good question and you may be wondering the same thing. A person can spend a lot of money on supplements and it's hard to know what supplements to take that will provide the most benefit.

The Age Related Eye Disease Study showed that those with moderate or advanced AMD had a lower risk of their macular degeneration progressing than those who took none.

So is it necessary to also take a multi-vitamin along with vitamins for your eyes? Well, Dr. Lylas Mogk, the author of Macular Degeneration: The Complete Guide to Saving and Maximizing Your Sight, states "You need the whole complement of nutrients that your body was designed to use, and you need them all in balanced amounts."

Whole Food Vitamins

Although taking a whole food multi-vitamin is not a substitute for eating heatlhy foods, there are good reasons why it may be a prudent thing to do for your health.

Some of the reasons why you may not be getting all of the nutrients you need from your diet are:

1. Nutrients in the soil are depleted because of today's farming practices

2. Fruits and vegetables are picked green before essential nutrients have formed in the plant

3. Genetically modified foods are deficient in nutrients

4. Irradiation of foods causes a small loss in nutrients

5. Processing of foods causes loss of nutrients

Synthetic or Whole Food Vitamins

There are three options for buying a vitamin and mineral. They are:

1) Synthetic, man-made in the laboratory

2) Whole foods from a single fruit product like Aloe Vera or Gogi

3) Natural, plant-sourced vitamin/mineral

To help you understand the difference between them and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of multi-vitamin click here:

Synthetic or All Natural Vitamins

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