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Opportunities for Improved Treatment Outcomes
November 02, 2016

Opportunities for Improved Treatment Outcomes

Dry macular degeneration converts to wet macular degeneration when fragile, tiny and leaky blood vessels grow beneath the retina. These abnormal blood vessels bleed and leak fluid into the macula which is what causes distortion in one's vision as well as loss of central vision.

Anti-VEGF Eye Injections

The standard treatment at this time is anti-VEGF therapy which involves regular injections into the eye using either Lucentis, Avastin or Eylea to stop or to control the bleeding. While this intraocular treatment has proven to provide many patients with improved or stabilized vision, it doesn't work for everyone and it becomes less effective over time.

The biopharmaceutical company Ophthotech reports, "According to multiple studies published in the peer-reviewed journal Ophthalmology in 2013:

46% of patients with wet AMD lost additional vision approximately two years after the conclusion of a two-year Phase 3 anti-VEGF monotherapy clinical study

37% of patients with wet AMD had final visual acuity at the level of legal blindness (20/200 or worse) approximately five years after the conclusion of a two-year Phase 3 anti-VEGF mono therapy study"

Combination Therapy

Clearly a single therapy use of anti-VEGF eye injections isn't effective for everyone or long term. Opthotech is seeking to see if a combined therapy offers improved outcomes.

The published results of their Phase2b study using a combination of therapies has shown that patients: "gained a mean of 10.6 letters of vision on the ETDRS standardized chart at 24 weeks, compared to 6.5 letters for patients receiving LucentisĀ®mono therapy (p=0.019). This represents a 62% additional benefit from baseline. No significant safety issues were observed for either treatment group in the trial."

Find out more about this combination therapy, its safety and its effectiveness ....
Improved Outcomes with Combination TherapyĀ 

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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