An Unexpected Phone Call

My friend Vickie called me the other day and I was so excited to talk to her as I had not heard from her for a long time.

Although we chatted for almost an hour, the truth finally came out - she was on her cell phone and she had meant to call her friend "Laura" but accidentally hit "Leslie." It is way too easy to hit the wrong number or wrong name on a cell phone, and even more so if you have macular degeneration.

Cell phone screens aren't the only screens that could use some magnification. Blackberries, iPods and other small hand held devices can be difficult to see and use as well.

Many people have started switching to laptops rather than PC's often leaving them with smaller screens and a smaller viewing area.

Indeed many of us are using some type of screen day and night.

Listening to an audiobook on an iPod, checking a cell phone, performing a search on the computer, or watching a favorite TV show is all done with the use of a screen of some type.

Perhaps you are finding the small print, small images or small icons are difficult to see or are straining your eyesight.

Buying a bigger screen isn't always possible. Did you know that you can make your existing cell phone, iPod, laptop, computer and/ or TV screen bigger?

Yes you can. Find out how by going to:

Screen Magnifiers

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