Reading Aids for Macular Degeneration

If you have AMD it is very important that you continue to do the activities that you have always enjoyed. Although it may be tempting to quit reading, because you struggle with seeing the words, there are ways to make it enjoyable and easier.

Often it will be necessary to use one of these tips or a combination of them.

1. Improve Your Lighting

By simply getting a brighter light or changing the type of light you use can make a big difference. You can click here to read more about selecting the right lighting: Best Lighting

2. Large Print Books

You can purchase large print books on line or in bookstores. Most local libraries have a large section of large print books as well. Often by using a large print book, with better lighting and a reading magnifier, reading can become a joy rather than a chore.

3. Reading Magnifier

These magnifiers come in many styles and they are often inexpensive. You may want to have a couple of different styles for different reading material. However, full page magnifiers that magnifier the entire page work well for reading books or magazines.

Thanks so much for subscribing to Macular Degeneration News

Thanks so much for subscribing to Macular Degeneration News.

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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