Macular Degeneration Prevention - GARM II Study at Jules Stein Eye Institute

We celebrated our youngest granddaughter's first birthday in January. This very healthy and happy little girl has inherited her grandfather's brown eyes and her great-grandfather's genes that increases her risk for developing age related macular degeneration.

Macular Degeneration Research

That same month my husband and I participated in the GARM II Study out of the Jules Stein Eye Institute in Los Angeles, California. However, instead of hopping on a plane to Los Angeles, we hopped in our car and drove one mile to our nearby eye care clinic.

A few minutes after receiving eye drops to dilate our pupils, my husband and I both had a retinal exam. The retinal photographs were then sent to Jules Stein Eye Institute. We will repeat the retinal exam at 2 years and 4 years from now.

The GARM II study hopes to "learn how to apply new genetic discoveries for future generations and to better counsel and develop preventive therapies for those who are at an increased risk .."

The study exams are done at no charge to the participant and currently new participants are still needed. Find out if you or a friend or loved one may be eligible for this macular degeneration clinical trial:

Macular Degeneration Prevention Research

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