49 Year Old with New Diagnosis of Wet Macular Degneration

In March 2015 I suddenly noticed straight lines appeared wavy. I made an appointment with my optometrist with the first available appointment 4 days later. He thought I had central serous retinopathy.

I then contacted my physician who sent me to a retina specialist. I was shocked to have been given the diagnosis of wet macular degeneration in my right eye, but my left eye was completely normal. I have no family history, I am healthy, almost a complete vegetarian, exercise regularly and have none of the risk factors except for being blue eyed.

The retina specialist said I was lucky that I saw him when I did. He said I barely had any leak at all and that the Avastin injection could stave off further vision loss. He was optimistic that if I received injections I could see clearly into my old age. I hope this is true.

He called my case "idiopathic" rather than age related macular degeneration.So far I have received 2 injections and my vision has improved slightly.

My vision in that eye is probably 20/30 at this time. I still see wavy lines, but hope that will improve as well. In the mean time I want to live my life without the constant fear of thinking about losing my eye sight. My doctor is very optimistic so I am trying so hard to be optimistic as well.

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Jul 14, 2015
Stay Positive
by: Anonymous

In response to the statement " you will not lose all your vision just your central vision". It Is not accurate - for every case given there are new treatments available and upcoming treatments .

I have been reading all the latest research articles I can find related to current treatments and clinical trials. One researcher stated that this is the " Golden Era" for research and treatment of macular degeneration.

I work in the medical field and I know that doctors do what they can to give you the most accurate prognosis based on research, case studies and statistics. However, each case varies and there are so many unknowns. It no longer can be assumed all will lose central vision, because they may not based on each individual case and recent breakthrough treatments.

None are perfect but are being worked on everyday around the world. I choose to see the glass as half full and pray that I never become blind to the fact that there is always hope!

Jul 07, 2015
Things Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You About Wet Macular Degeneration
by: Anonymous

I'm fortunate to have a retinal specialist who will patiently answer my questions and I still have a lot.

In the meantime, I read as much as I can because there are a lot of surprises along the way. For instance, being able to read an eye chart seems good, but it doesn't take away the fact that we have a blind spot in that eye with wet AMD.

Judging distance is a problem. You may not realize until you nearly hit someone from behind. Curbs that aren't painted correctly can look flat. My doctor never told me this - a friend did.

Good luck. You will never lose all the vision in that eye--only the central vision. Not good, but you will not go blind.

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