46 and diagnosed wet and dry

by Andrea

Just before my 46th birthday this past month I decided to get my eyes examined by my optometrist. My readers were not doing the job and I was having some distorted vision.

My Optometrist asked me if I had any family history of Macular Degeneration? At that moment I had no idea, but after a phone call I learned my Grandmother had it (diagnosed in her late 60'S). I didn't know anything about this eye disease. My Optometrist said not to worry, and sent me to the Ophthalmologist the following week.

They did some more testing which determined I had Wet Macular in my left eye and Dry Macular in my right. I was told to start taking the ARED's II vitamins and wear good sunglasses, I have done both. I do not smoke, I exercise regularly, and eat good. The only risk factor I have is my Grandmother and being a woman with light colored eyes. I have been researching everything I can find about MD. I see a Retina Specialist in 10 days for my first injection, which I am a bit nervous about.

I am not sure what to expect and how fast this is going to progress...I know everyone is different. I am just really scared knowing that I am really young to be diagnosed with this. Not sure what I should be doing to prepare for my future and my families future.

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Oct 10, 2015
Response to Andrea
by: Sharon


I belong to a Face Book group called Macular Degeneration Communty. Most people on this closed group have wet and many are young. If you can, I would suggest joining. Lots of information for those suffering with wet. I have dry.

Try not to be scared. Reach out to others. There is plenty of research that may some day help all of us. This web site is also helpful, but I have found more young people thru FB that you may be able to connect with right away.

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